• WDTN: UAS education in Ohio

    WDTN: UAS education in Ohio

    Many local experts believe the future of the Dayton region could be in the testing and manufacturing of unmanned aerial systems or UAS. 

    According to Joe Zeis, of the Dayton Development Coalition, our area is well positioned because of our quality educational institutions.

    He said they’ll play a critical role if the Dayton region is to land one of the FAA’s, six, highly coveted UAS test sites.

    Zeis says experts estimate the UAS industry will generate over 100 billion dollars globally in the next 10 years. 

    “Look at leading edge colleges and universities here that are already engaged in the UAS systems, Sinclair Community College the Advanced Technical and Intelligence Center work data and analytics and training data, the University of Dayton, Wright State University with the miniature UAS’s,” Zeis said.

    Along with education, Zeis says another attraction is the tremendous workforce at Wright-Patt where teams of engineers already have the capabilities to not only design, build and fly UAS’s, but can capture data and communicate it through-out the world with much of the training occurring here in the Dayton region. 

    According to Dr. David Hopkins, Wright State is already playing a leading role, ” We’re all about producing and generating innovation it’s the future of the world economy and we’re positioned in the state and region at the forefront.”

    Another emerging player is Wilberforce University. They’ve teamed up with non-profit Riverside Research in Beavercreek to offer a 4 year program in Advanced Technical Intelligence.

    Students with existing associates degree in ATI at Clark State or Sinclair Community College can now apply at Wilberforce to obtain a Bachelors of Science degree. 

    ” This allows them to pursue that or to maintain or obtain their security clearance if they already had it from their two year program and then they can pursue jobs that require that four year degree while obtaining additional training in their area of specialization.” said Dr. Andrew Shepherd of Riverside Research.

    The launch date for this brand new offering is set for January, they say further solidifying our region as an aerospace leader.

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