• New Scientist: UAS Map the Matterhorn in 6 Hours

    New Scientist: UAS Map the Matterhorn in 6 Hours

    The Matterhorn is an imposing mountain, reaching 14,960 feet into the air, amidst the Pennine Alps.  It’s one of the highest peaks in the Alps and claimed the lives of 500 men before the first was able to reach the top. Now, using just three drones, scientists have mapped the whole thing. And it took them only six hours. Here’s the video, from New Scientist:

    Hal Hodson at New Scientist explains

    Three eBee drones were launched from the peak of the mountain, skimming their way down 100 metres from the face, capturing points just 20 centimetres apart. When they reached the bottom, a second team intercepted the drones and relaunched them for further mapping.

    During each of the 11 flights, the drones took 2188 photographs. Together, they assembled a map of the mighty Matterhorn.

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