• Metro: Paralysed man walks again with help of £90,000 Rex robot suit

    A wheelchair-bound man took his first steps in two years with help from a robot suit which could offer hope to other paralysed patients.

    The makers of the £90,000 robotic suit claim that it can help paralysed patients avoid complications caused by extended periods of sitting still.

    Simon Kindleysides, 31, said, ‘I have been in a wheelchair since April 2013 when I was diagnosed with FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) which basically means I have lost all feeling and movement from the waist down.

    ‘I was also diagnosed with a benign gloma brain tumour. I haven’t walked in over two years but thanks to PhysioFunction I was able to. I used The Rex robotic suit which enabled me to walk, shuffle, turn and sit.

    ‘Thanks to them I was able to feel 6ft tall again! It was an amazing experience, one I would recommend to anyone in a wheelchair!’

    Wheelchair- bound man able to walk again using robotic suit 


    Source: http://metro.co.uk/2015/06/29/paralysed-man-walks-again-with-help-of-90000-rex-robot-suit-5270732/


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