• KITV Hawaii: Stunning UAS Video Reveals New Image of Big Island Damage (VIDEO)

    KITV Hawaii: Stunning UAS Video Reveals New Image of Big Island Damage (VIDEO)

    Stunning video was taken by drones over the Puna area that gives a closer look into the damage left behind by Iselle.

    Primefootage took to the skies as they documented the damage and the work being done by the Big Island community.

    What looks at first like a big tree as the unmanned aerial vehicle rises up turns out to be an endless row of trees blocking the roads and damaging homes. These drones are a big hope to folks like Richard Kaleohano, Jr. who got together a group of folks from Hilo and Keaukaha to help.

    “It’s kind of a daunting task when you get there, the amount of work that needs to be done,” said Kaleohano. “We look like, ‘What are we even doing here? [We're] just guys with chainsaws and backs.’ But, we chip away at it. Eventually we hear people who went around the other way and we meet in the middle.”

    “It’s really comforting feeling when you see people coming from the other side and you know it’s not just you and your boys helping. It’s a lot of people, a lot of unsung heroes,” said Kaleohano.

    Kaleohano says the drone video is priceless in letting them know where their help is needed the most. They plan on being back out with chainsaws and strong backs this weekend.

    The group is just one of the hundreds of volunteers from all over the island of Hawaii who are pinching in to help the Puna Community.


    Source: http://www.kitv.com/news/stunning-drone-video-reveals-new-image-of-big-island-damage/27421394#!bCaQE4

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