• Horse Collaborative: Heat-Sensing Drone Helps Bring Missing Horse Home

    His name is Houdini for a reason, and last Thursday, the 29-year-old escape artist pulled off a harrowing disappearing act. After managing to unlatch his gate, the crafty veteran was nowhere to be found as his owners and local volunteers scoured the Castle Rock, Colorado community. 

    The beloved horse, who has done everything from walking in parades, to visiting with residents at nursing homes and dutifully teaching kids how to ride, was spotted by a heat-sensing drone on Sunday morning, stuck in a thicket of scrub oak.

    He was quickly returned home and immediately treated for numerous cuts and bruises.

    Did we mention his name is HOUDINI?

    “It’s short for ‘I know how to open every gate, untie my lead rope, check things out on my own,’” owner Kari Edge told NBC 9News. “This is his first true escape.”

    For 11-year-old Aspen Edge, Houdini’s homecoming ends a frantic three day search that involved a number of local volunteers, including Multicopter Warehouse, a local business that provided the heat-sensing drones.

    “He means the world to me,” Aspen said. “I’ve had him ever since I was four.”

    Not every neighbor was on board with the search and rescue operation, however. Multicopter Warehouse COO Kerry Garrison confirmed one of his drones was shot at by a nearby homeowner.


    After a couple sleepless nights, some sutured wounds, a few gunshots and one reinforced gate latch, Houdini is safely back home and on the mend, much to the delight of his family and friends.

    Interestingly enough, Houdini’s drone rescue came just one day before federal regulators announced they will soon require all recreational drones to be registered with the government for tracking purposes.

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    Source: http://www.horsecollaborative.com/heat-sensing-drone-helps-bring-missing-horse-home/ 

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