• GTN News: Students Design Drones That Take Flight

    GTN News: Students Design Drones That Take Flight

    Lucas puts on his goggles. Then he starts flying the copter prototype. Lucas’s passion for airplanes has turned into a school project. 

    “I thought that would be really cool and I should do that and so I did it. And I figured it out myself and I went through three generations of it. And I finally have one that’s working really good. I’ve been doing this for a couple of year’s now, but just recently it got brought up to Ms. Perkins attention that I’ve been doing this so she wanted to turn it into a team project.” said student, Lucas Weakley.

    Thanks to $2,000 in grant funding from AT&T, students at Forest High School can partake in designing drones.

    Roughly 200 hundred are involved in the engineering program. In this thematic learning project, students are broken into 45 groups where they must design a drone.

    The students spend countless hours each week working on their aeronautic crafts. 


    “Planning is the most essential part of this. As far as construction, they could do that in two days. But the planning is essential to make sure everything’s right.” said program director, Peggy Brookins.

    These quad-copters, with built-in cameras, are being built for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and Duke Energy. Brookins says the drones could be used to help crowd control at an event and even help chase a suspect.

    “We could use it in a disaster if trees were down, electrical lines were down and those trucks could not get in, they could fly in and see which areas needed the most help.” said Brookins.

    The sheriff’s office and Duke Energy will choose the best three designs in April.

    Weakley is happy to see his hobby turn into something much more. 

    “It feels really good. It’s really cool to be a part of something like this.” said Weakley.

    One day, it’s an idea. Another day, it’s a piece of work taking flight.

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