• CBS Denever: DU’s Lacrosse Team Uses UAS To Perfect Game

    CBS Denver: DU’s Lacrosse Team Uses UAS To Perfect Game

     The University of Denver’s lacrosse team is using a high-tech tool to get a birds-eye view of what happens when they hit the field– drones.

    The number one lacrosse team in the nation, DU, is using a digital camera mounted on a drone to track the players movements and how they complete drills on the field.

    “I felt like I was a 5-year-old on Christmas morning,” said Associate Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach Matt Brown.

    The $1,200 drone helps them get a better idea of what happens on the field.

    “We have used it as an end zone view, we’ve taken it above to kind of give us a snapshot, if you were in outer space and looking down on practice, what it would look like,” said Brown.

    The drone gets about 25 minutes of flight time and during practice will hover about 100 feet above the field. It makes a little bit of noise and at first, proved to be distracting to some of the players.

    “It gives off like a buzzing sound, like a bee, so everyone is definitely looking up so it gets a little distracted so about 15-20 minutes we focus back in and totally forget about it,” said DU Defender Christian Burgdorf.

    The Pioneers are loving the unique angles the drone provides even if it takes a little getting used to.

    “It is bizarre. What’s scary is that you look on the directions and it says it can go 2,000 feet. We took it up to 400 feet the first day and you can almost not see it. I can’t imagine what would happen if you took it to 2,000,” said Head Coach Bill Tierney.

    When asked if the players would fly it, Burgdorf replied, “I would never even ask that. I know the answer to that already, no. I wouldn’t even ask.”

    “I know one thing, Brownie let me use it in the gym last week when we had a snow day and had to practice inside, and I crashed it into the wall. So I won’t be touching it anymore, that’s for sure,” said Tierney.


    Source: http://denver.cbslocal.com/2015/01/29/dus-lacrosse-team-uses-drones-to-perfect-game/


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