• C-Net: Watch an insanely dexterous robot perform precision tasks


    The US Army has just taken possession of a very special robot. The HDMS 551s1 by robotics companyResquared is designed to perform precision tasks, controlled by a human operater. Its two arms are equipped with specially designed two-fingered grippers, and a human-like torso for further degrees of freedom.

    Watching HDMS 551s1 perform tasks such as stacking blocks on little poles is impressive — and demonstrates the sort of dexterity required for the army’s purposes. The robot will be put to use in explosive ordnance disposal, which requires a high degree of precision. This will allow soldiers to dispose of explosives without putting their own lives at risk. It also has tank-like treads so it can get around.

    Resquared specialises in explosive ordnance disposal arms, but it’s also working on healthcare robots, too, including a robotic arm to assist disabled patients and robotic manipulator arms to aid in lifting patients to reduce the strain on nurses.

    Source: http://www.cnet.com/news/watch-an-insanely-dexterous-robot-perform-precision-tasks/  

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